rachel (medicatedsanity) wrote in request_icons,

1. Pass Phrase - Nick & Jessica
2. Icon, Background, Friends Only Banner - Set
3. Colors - Whites, Light/Dark Blues & Greens
4. Font - I don't care what specific font it is, only that it is kind of fancy...Like a script that can be clearly read.
5. Size - I don't know the exact sizes, but whatever the standard sizes for each are.
6. Picture or Example URL -pic one
pic two
pic three
pic four
pic five
7. Description? Be Specific - I would possibly like a blend of the above pictures. on the background (in some fancy writing that is small) have it say:
O mor henion i dhu:
Ely siriar el sila
Ai! Aniron Undomiel

Tiro! El eria e mor.
I lir en el luitha uren.
Ai! Aniron...
Then in a bigger font(different fancy) have it say: Forever Love
Arwen + Aragorn

Then possibly an animated Icon with a few of the pictures above saying "Forever Love: Arwen + Aragorn"
8. Email address - xrivendalestar@AOL.com

PS. I know this is kind of, if not very vague. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me. thank you lots.
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