I used to think I had it good. (xmakexmexblushx) wrote in request_icons,
I used to think I had it good.

Icon please?

1. Pass Phrase- Nick and Jessica??
2. Icon, Background, Friends Only Banner - Icon
3. Colors- Pink's
4. Font - Doesnt matter
5. Size - I'm not too sure but small enough to be a lj user pic.
6. Picture or Example URL - raspberry-swirl.net/scans/ actor/big/swest-002.jpg & www.sptimes.com/.../ WMNF_sponsors_youth_r.shtml
7. Description? Be Specific - I would like the text to say "Shane West, he made me blush" then to the 2nd frame and have it say xMakexMexBlushx
8. Email address - BeachBlonde21304@aol.com
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